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ISBN- 13:9780758223616/10:0758223617
November 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
$14 US/ $16.95 CAN
288 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Bebe Fitzgerald is Southern born and raised. She is tied to the women who she considers her sisters, girls who made a blood vow in a cemetery when they were ten. She is also a tough Savannah policewoman who is working on finding the cursed diamond necklace and the murderer of her friend’s parents.

Donovan McCabe is a Boston policeman who lost his partner in an organized crime bust. At a conference in Atlanta, he meets a congressman who lost some money in an illegal craps game in Savannah. Running into Bebe was just half of the fun he intends on having while in Savannah.

There is a diamond necklace that has been nothing but trouble. Someone got away with murder thirty years ago and now, they are back on the hunt for this necklace. Donovan shows up in Savannah looking to break up an illegal gambling ring. Instead, he ends up working with a hard-headed woman intent on keeping her friend out of jail. People are dying and the clues all point to Donovan’s man. It will be up to Bebe and her blood sisters to save a man who has done so much good for them and Savannah.

Secrets abound in this novel. When you add in the sultry Savannah nights, Hot and Irresistible lives up to its name. Donovan is the kind of hero who makes my heart skip a few beats. He is sexy and sweet, yet determined to do his job. He just is not ready for the way the rules bend in the South. Bebe is a steel magnolia, all delicate and beautiful, but you do not mess with the people she cares about. She and Donovan are the perfect pairing for a romantic mystery. Ms. Castell has outdone herself once again.

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