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Viking Lore, Book 1
ISBN#: 1-61034-612-2
June 2011
Siren Publishing
171 Pages
Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, shape-shifters
Rating: 4 Cups

The life of a warrior is often brutal, but Radulfr of Vejle would live no other way. As the leader of his people it is up to him to keep everyone safe, but that has never meant more than it does now.

He has spent his entire life in a sanctuary separate and secure from the outside world, but it is time for Ein to take his place in the world. He has always dreamed of being part a real family, and yet he could have hardly dared to dream of having gained such fortune.

The bride that Radulfr has peace-pledged to accept is nothing like what he expected, but more than he could have dreamed of. First off Ein is a man, and the most beautiful he has ever seen, but best of all Ein is everything Radulfr could ever want in a mate. They eagerly enter into their joining, but havoc is about to rain down on them. Neither Radulfr nor Ein are ordinary men, and the gods have their eye on the union these two have entered into.

The men in Stormy Glenn’s novels are by far some of the sexiest you will come across in M/M romance, but this story is by far my favorite. Ein and Radulfr are totally fascinating with their elfin and shape-shifting abilities, and yet their feelings for each other are what really draw you to them. This is only book one, and I am already hooked. There is so much yet to be discovered with these sexy Viking men that I cannot wait to see what is next.

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