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Alien Mates Series
Book 1 - Honey Potts and Her Alien Mates
Book 2 - Rhiannon's Alien High Chancellors
Book 3 - Erin's Alien Abductors

ISBN#: 9780557997480
December 2010
Solstice Publishing
104 Pages
Erotic romance, ménage, science fiction, multiple partners
Rating: 4 Cups

Honey Potts hates her name, after all who names their kid Honey with a last name like Potts? Honey’s parents, former hippies could not resist apparently. Even though she hates her name she loves and misses her deceased parents. Fortunately for her she has her best friend, Rhiannon.

Sven, Cail, and Igor Malay are aliens and Honey’s mates. With a shortage of women on their home world, the only way to find their mates in many cases is to go offworld. They had nearly given up hope before finding Honey.

When Honey comes out of her bathroom to discover three bright lights floating around her bedroom she is enchanted, rather than frightened. When the lights touch her hand she has a stunning orgasm and then passes out only to wake up in a room she has never seen before. Not long after, she meets Sven, Cail and Igor, who inform her she is their mate and that they are on their way to their home world of Calt. While the guys are truly gorgeous specimens, Honey is less than enthused with the way they have abducted her and taken away her choices, and she lets them know that in no uncertain terms. While they are able to convince her for the most part eventually, it is not long before things begin to go terribly wrong. Honey is very sad and not eating or sleeping much, which has her mates very worried. Why is Honey so sad? The brothers begin to worry that they may lose Honey forever if something does not change.

Honey Potts and Her Alien Mates is truly entertaining sci-fi romance! I started out not knowing if I was going to enjoy this story but about ten pages in, and I was totally hooked. Honey’s reaction to her mates and her responses to them particularly when they baldly tell her she is their mate and they will not take her home totally had me cracking up. I do not think they quite realized just what her reaction was going to be. The sex scenes are stellar and very well written; I especially liked how Ms. Wilde linked the physical with the spiritual when it came to their sexual relationship. The world building is very well done, and I really loved the descriptions of Calt and its people, although I was able to really empathize with their shortage of women and how hard that must be on the men as well. This is a great story that I am really excited to recommend to anyone who loves sci-fi romance!

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