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ISBN- 978-0-312-57720-9(print)/978-1-4299-4221-8(e-book)
January, 2012
St. Martin’s Press
$ 27.99 US/$29.99 CAN (hardcover)
$14.99 US/$15.99 CAN (E-book
400 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Michael and Jolene, at this point in their lives are, just living day-to-day, facing the pressures of everyday life between, jobs, children, school activities, and the running of their home. Whew! It is enough to keep us all ragged. But,things are going to change dramatically.

Michael and Jolene’s marriage has been shaky for some time, but now it just might crash and burn. Jolene is a pilot and she has received an unexpected deployment to Iraq. Michael, who is a defense attorney, not Mr. Mom, suddenly needs to step up to plate to raise his girls. But he is so angry with Jolene for doing this, he even went as far as telling her he did not love her anymore.

War is Hell, and to tell it any other way is a lie. Yet that is exactly what Jolene tried to do for her daughters in order to keep them from worry. But then the unthinkable happens and she can no longer rose-color it. The war has hurt their family now. It will change all they know and who they were before.

I am almost speechless as to what to say. Kristin Hannah once again takes you into a world thrown all upside down and where the pieces lie is how the story weaves itself together. Michael and Jolene’s story is so common and heartbreaking at the same time. We never get to see the many soldiers and their families that pay the price for our freedom. In Home front you get a peek at that life. Kudos on another outstanding book!

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