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The Sisterhood Series
Book 1 - Weekend Warriors
Book 2 - Payback
Book 3 - Vendetta
Book 4 - The jury
Book 5 - Sweet Revenge
Book 6 - Lethal Justice
Book 7 - Free Fall
Book 8 - Hide and Seek
Book 9 - Hokus Pokus
Book 10 - Fast Track
Book 11 - Collateral Damage
Book 12 - Final Justice
Book 13 - Under the Radar
Book 14 - Razor Sharp
Book 15 - Vanishing Act
Book 16 - Deadly Deals
Book 17 - Game Over
Book 18 - Cross Roads
Book 19 - Deja Vu
Book 20 - Home Free

Sisterhood Series, Book 20
ISBN #: 9781420111941
April 2011
Mass Market Paperback
362 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The Vigilantes are a group of women, and later their significant others, who strive to bring justice where it is least likely. They have recently been pardoned of those activities that were against the law, but are still dedicated to Lady Justice.

President Martine Connor is the first woman president and she has great respect and esteem for the Vigilantes. She is ready to trust them with a task that is beyond her alphabet agencies.

There is a secret slush fund that is an open secret among the secret, and not so secret, law enforcement agencies in the country. It is mostly funded with drug money appropriated by the CIA. Someone is using it as his own private piggy bank, and President Connor wants the Vigilantes to find out who is stealing from the fund and to stop them.

Readers who have read the other books of this series should give my review an extra cup. This is meant to be the final book of a twenty book series and the author does her best to tie up all of the story lines from her previous novels so her characters can go off to live their own lives. I have not read all of these books, so I was lost for about the first fifty pages until the author really picked up the plot. The story itself is interesting and held my attention, but there were a lot of references to people and events I had no information on. Fans of this series are going to love its grand finale, but those who have not read at least two of the previous books are going to struggle a bit in the beginning.

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