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ISBN-13: 978-0984249923, 10: 0984249923
November 2009
Highland Press Publishing
Trade Paperback
204 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Stocking, a Proposal Via Inflated Raft

As far as idiot boyfriends go, Marcy Grayson’s ranks right there at the top.

Fortunately for Paul Callahan, his girlfriend has an amazing sense of humor, and can never hold a grudge.

Paul would have never made it through Basic without Marcy’s support, but every day he fears that her warped sense of humor is going to bite him big time. He knows that his announcement to join the Army was a shock, but if she goes through with her threat, he is doomed. Marcy giggles every time she imagines Paul’s face, but she tends to forget that Paul is not above paybacks.

These two characters are just too much fun! What a wonderful way to start this anthology.

Tied With A Bow

Being an explosives expert does not leave much room for error, and thankfully Navy EOD Captain Devin Walds is very good at his job.

There is only one person who can interrupt Kathryn Marie Pente when she is elbow deep in paints and canvas, and that is her sister Brenda.

The pain of losing her sister is excruciatingly painful for Kathryn Marie, and it is a void that will be with her forever. She can barely function when she runs into Devin for the first time, but something about him just clicks, almost like they are kindred spirits. Devin’s chance encounter with Kathryn Marie strikes a very deep chord as well, and her safety and well being instantly become his top priority.

This one really packs a punch for the reader. Trauma, drama, and romance all rolled into one fantastic read.

Christmas To the Rescue

All of her hard work has paid off for Petty Officer Annabelle Foster. She is now one of the elite Coast Guard rescue swimmers stationed in Kodiak, AK.

Petty Officer Tony Lombardi takes great pride in using his skills and expertise as a chef to feed the troops in his care, and Christmas is one of his favorite times of the year.

The busyness of the holidays means very little to Annabelle, and she could care less about decorating and shopping. Her work is all that matters. Being the best of the best keeps her focused on one thing, and that is her job, until Tony enters her world. She has a mammoth sweet tooth, and Tony is more than able to fulfill all of her cravings.

Well if you can get through this one without making a trip to the cookie jar, your will power is remarkable. Tony and Annabelle are the perfect combination of sweet and saucy, and a real delight to system.

All I Want for Christmas Is a Marine

It has never been hard for Staff Sergeant Mitch Sinclair to keep a detached and cool head when it comes to missions, but this time around feels distinctly different.

No one is more important to Allie Summers than her father, and his missile navigations work for the government is invaluable. She only hopes that her kidnappers do not know just how much of her father’s work is her own.

Seeing Allie’s picture should have been no different than all of the other times he studied a package before an op, but it is. Those eyes see right into his soul, and she has become a woman he would very much like to get to know. The mission is fraught with danger, but Mitch will do anything and everything to keep Allie safe. The only question is, what can Allie do to keep her Marine?

This story sets a pulse-pounding pace from beginning to end, and could easily be morphed into a fabulously intense romantic suspense.

Mission Mistletoe

She learned the hard way that cocky military boys can ruin a family, and Captain Prudence Hamlin does not intend to make the same mistakes as her mother.

PJ’s have a certain reputation, and paratrooper Kodyn Lang is just as brassy as the next, but he only has eyes for one feisty little nurse.

For someone not at all fond of flying, Prue feels that she may have made a wrong choice when it came to enlisting in the Air Force, especially when it comes to helicopters. Her stomach does summersaults every time she gets into one, but this time she is justified in her fear. Finding herself pinned to a cactus is not the way to spend the day, but when rescue comes, she finds that being stuck in the desert may not be so bad after all.

Prue may have a bit of a prickly attitude for PJ’s, but Kody is not your average flyboy. They are a little flaky, a little flirty, but all in all a whole lot of fun.

On a cold winter’s night (or pretty much any time of the year) there is nothing better than cozying up to a hunky hero, and Holiday Op is the perfect indulgence. These couples are wonderfully matched, and inspire all sorts of spicy thoughts to dance in your head. Each story has a fantastic blend of humor, heroism, and just enough romance to warm you right up. So BUY THIS BOOK, and know that your money is going to a great cause, a portion of the proceeds is going to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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