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ISBN# 9781420108352
ISBN-13# 9781420108354
Kensington Publishing
October 26, 2010
Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
384 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Holiday Magic

Stephanie Marshall is a single mother who has been attracted to her boss for awhile. After three dates, he suddenly starts to push her away. She has been trying to get past her emotional issues caused by the abusive ex-husband currently serving time for his crimes. Will her fears cripple her or will she find love under her Christmas tree.

Eddie O’Brien is convinced that love weakens you. Since the loss of his niece to disease, he has tried to stay strong and avoid emotion that could hurt him, but Stephanie and her girls make him want to risk his heart again. Will he get past his fear of commitment or will his playboy lifestyle push away his chance at a real family?

In the cold as the Christmas lights glint off the fallen snow, they may find a gift that can last a lifetime. Will they claim the love and passion between them, or will they both be left as cold as a wintery night?

A good story that is only slightly unbelievable in its overwhelmingly kind and perhaps almost too sugary sweet-natured residents. The parental response to children going out and risking their lives is somewhat lacking in realistic emotional development but altogether a fun read.

A Very Merry Christmas

Meredith Ghirlandaio is a former NY chef who now runs a local B&B in a sleepy small town in Montana. When Logan asks her out, she tells him no, instead choosing to focus on her niece and nephew who were abandoned with her by their irresponsible mother. But she dreams of the green-eyed man who long ago rescued her after a car accident as her drunken sister danced and pranced around the mangled car.

Logan Taylor is a rancher and NY businessman. Recently returned to Montana, he asks out the feisty Meredith repeatedly, ignoring her rejection. Does he know something that she does not? Helping the kids deal with abandonment issues caused by their fickle mother and tempting Meredith, he enjoys her spitfire temper, but is not sure why she is pushing him away.

When he finally gives up on the sassy Meredith, she is left to decide if making him back off was really what she wanted after all. When they meet again after the Christmas pageant, they must try their issues and hopefully Meredith will find her long lost hero.

A comical romp that manages to twine emotion close into the plot with many diversified emotional issues, this story is well written if somewhat predictable.

A Very Maui Christmas

Tara Lane has plotted a way out of spending time with her over-planning family for Christmas. Since she got bitten by a reindeer and was offered a free vacation to lie on the beach in Hawaii, she plans to wear nothing more than a bikini to ring in the holiday.

Darren is first seen playing on the beach. When he turns out to be more than what first meets the eye, will Tara discover a bit of romance on her holiday? Or will her family manage to ruin even this when they decide to bring their Christmas with them and join the two on their tropical getaway.

Without typical Christmas snow, this story still manages to have the holiday spirit even if the lights are strung on a palm tree rather than a pine. A truly hilarious story, this author manages to bring to life a quirky cast of characters who are as real as they are side achingly funny.

A Cedar Key Christmas

Josie Sullivan is a single mom of one very mature daughter. As she and her spunky child encounter her long ago rival, military brat Ben, sparks fly as they fight openly for their neighbor. Unexpectedly, Ben also manages to raise Josie’s pulse to a nervous patter as anger begins to evolve into edgy passion.

Ben has come back to the small town that he visited during vacations as a child. Encountering his longtime crush if bitter nemesis, Josie, he is forced to rethink his logical, cold, decisions. Falling in love wasn’t in his plans, but that doesn’t mean that plans aren’t going to change.

As the two try to work past their animosity and find that there is more to their relationship than rivalry, will they also be able to help Ben’s uncle, Al? Or will their attraction fizzle out as quickly as it consumed them?

A holiday tale of love that was right in front of your eyes … if you only dare capture it.

All in all, this series was a compilation of quite a few familiar authors all set to heartwarming themes for this holiday anthology. Funny and emotional, these authors have managed to weave stories that are compelling if somewhat rushed due to being short stories and with what sometimes felt like a hasty tying off of loose ends.

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