Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1-61034-720-X
August 2011
Siren Publishing
101 Pages
Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cup

A decade has passed since Detective Jay Madison had his heart ripped out, so it is a major shock to see his ex standing at his door. Unfortunately for him the years have not dulled the attraction.

Misery is something Detective Greg Laren has lived with for ten years, and he knows he has only himself to blame. He pushed away the only person he ever loved because he was scared, and now it is up to him to set things right.

Fury and passion rip through Jay the moment he lays eyes on Greg, but the instant Greg lays hands on him he is lost. Their passion ignites even though the pain of Greg’s betrayal still tears at Jay’s heart. Greg knows he has a lot to make up for, but before either man has a chance to talk a deadly stalker makes their move. Disturbing letters, photos, and now death threats shakes Jay’s world, and at its center is the very man he thought he never wanted to see again.

The momentum of this story is lightening fast and just as volatile. Greg and Jay set each other off, and you get to be the lucky spectator to that explosion. Sunny Day takes her characters through an emotional and physical mine field, and you get a real sense for how they are feeling. Her books are hot, her men even hotter, and if you are like me, you cannot wait to read more.

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