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ISBN: 1601545347
August 2009
The Wild Rose Press
160 Pages
Contemporary Sweetheart Rosebud
Rating: 3 Cups

Lindsay Wyngate works for London Life, a magazine that covers everything from politics to the social scene. As a junior reporter, she does not usually get the big stories that grab the reader from the get go.

Trevor Carlton knows that his life is a mystery to the public and that is the way he wants it kept. There are secrets about his past, ones that can never be found out.

When the senior reporter that is supposed to be working on the Trevor Carlton interview gets a horrible stomach virus, it is Lindsay that takes over for her. Ready to dig in and ask some much needed questions, she is shocked to find out that Trevor has the say-so on what can and cannot be written about. As the interview brings both of them closer, a discrepancy within Carlton Petroleum begins to unravel a secret that Trevor has kept hidden. When Lindsay finds out the truth, will she use her reporter skills to tell the tale or will her love for Trevor keep his secret safe from the rest of the world?

His Weekend Proposal was a nice read with some good qualities. I liked the struggle that both Trevor and Lindsay had as far as their attraction went with each other. The intrigue and mystery surrounding his past as well as the discrepancy at his company was also a good element within the plot. I did not care for how untrustworthy both felt towards each other for most of the book and then suddenly they trust each other. Overall, this is a pleasant tale with a good storyline and one that will keep you reading until the end.

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