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ISBN: 9781301488254
March 2013
Silence O’Shea, Self-Published
73 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

In one day, Mike Jasper goes from thinking he is on top of the world to realizing that he may not be quite the catch he always thought himself to be.

Ten years is long enough for Ellen Douglas to know her boss pretty well - the good as well as the bad.

Jasper is no one’s dummy, but apparently he is pretty ignorant when it comes to women. His abysmal attempts at seduction show Ellen exactly what she needs to know to bring Jasper up to speed. Jasper is a very quick study, yet not even the most attentive students get everything right every time.

Mike Jasper is a wealthy, good looking man who thinks that is all he needs to be the world’s greatest gift to women. Fortunately for him, Ellen has her pin ready to prick his bubble. His little fall from grace is hilarious, as Ellen points out exactly how much he has to learn. Their training sessions are incredibly hot, even better, they are fun. Sexy banter, steamy love scenes, and entertaining characters are what you get with Silence O’Shea.

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