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ISBN# 978-1-936165-44-5
June 30, 2010
Purple Sword Publications
226 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Joaquin Ramirez decides after three hundred years he has no sense of meaning. He exists with no heart, no joy, and no emotion. He resolves to end it all until a mysterious woman’s voice steers him into a different direction.

Lily Jaspers has suffered terrible abuse. She is able to shout out her internal pain by using telepathic words, and connects with Joaquin. As she grows closer in communication to him, she realizes soon she will have to leave for another safe domain.

Joaquin is certain there will never be any woman to ever warm his heart, until he hears a woman’s voice. He realizes he must locate her. It is her voice that breaks through his tough exterior. When Joaquin connects with Lily, he senses there is something troubling her. She needs protection, but Lily assures she is being safeguarded. Lily tries to forget the horrors she left behind. Knowing that the place she is staying is only temporary until she, and the others, are moved to another location, she enjoys her time with Joaquin. When Joaquin learns the people whom Lily is staying with, he seeks to become her protector, but in the long run, could it cost them their chance of spending eternity together?

His Redeemer’s Kiss is a page-turning read. There were times I wanted to reach out to Lily and comfort her for the dreadful pain she had to endure, not to mention Joaquin and his agony that plagued him. Ms. Castilleja has indeed taken two captivating characters and woven them life-like to feel all the emotions that real people often endure. She tells a story where the audience becomes attached to the players, while watching two tormented souls find that incredible love to make this all the more a remarkable read.

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