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HILL 170
May 2011
MKB Publishing
320 Pages
Thriller / Military Espionage
Rating: 4 Cups

Two months, and Sgt. Dodge Bryce will be done with the Hill, but is leaving really what he wants? The adrenaline rush that comes with his job as a USAF Intel linguist is addictive, and Dodge is really, really good at what he does.

Counting down the days until Dodge’s end of tour has Sgt. Lin Sherwood on edge. He is uncannily good at what he does, and she fears he will change his mind about ending his tour.

The “need to know” edict that is so prevalent in the military has Dodge ready to explode. He can feel something huge brewing, but in his current position he has very little access to anything beyond the Intel he pulls from the air waves. Lin is his one point of refuge in this crazy and hyped up cat and mouse game, but even that might not be all it seems. His reputation for intelligence and combat skills are well known, and Dodge is about to get his first real taste of life beyond the Hill.

Few authors have the ability to draw you in and hold you captive with a debut novel, but Michael Barclay does just that. Dodge’s character is arresting, supremely intelligent, but totally human and fallible. He has that quiet strength and commanding presence of someone you just know will get the job done, even if it nearly gets him killed. This has all of the action and excitement you could ask for in a thriller, and just enough heart and emotion to keep the characters real.

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