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Kilrigh Heat Series by Krystal Brookes Series
Book 1: Highland Fling
Book 2: Highland Haven
Book 3: Highland Hogmanay

Kilrigh Heat, book 3
ISBN# 9781938257551
December 2012
Pink Petal Books
71 Pages
Scottish Contemporary Highlander
Rating: 4 Cups

Being a single mother of two small children is not easy, but it is the most important thing to Isla. Looking for a fresh start after her divorce, she and her girls move into the holiday cottages. There, she meets the charming and handsome American, Mark Ferguson. She knows their affair cannot last, yet she will enjoy it while it does.

Mark is completely enamored with Isla. For the first time, he is interested in something deeper. He has always been a rich playboy who enjoys flings, which is not the case with Isla. She is the perfect woman for him, so he will do nearly anything to keep her in his life.

The Scottish New Year (Hogmanay) is right around the corner. Isla knows it will be lonely and mundane. Her plans involve spending time with her children and pretending she is not the only one without someone to ring in the New Year. Then, on a particularly frustrating day, Mark comes to the rescue, and her new year turns out much steamier than she could have hoped. Their relationship is exciting and passionate, until she discovers Mark is the owner of one of the most successful computer companies in America. Now she is uncertain if their relationship will last. How can they make it work when he is a multimillionaire and lives a continent away?

What a lovely read. I think it is wonderful that Isla is a normal everyday woman who wins the heart of an extremely wealthy and attractive man. She is very realistic, a struggling single mom who has stretch marks and generally does not have time for make-up. Still, he sees and appreciates her beauty. Their romance is both heartwarming and sensual, though not without its problems. I love how he brings out the naughty in her, while she and the girls allow him to show off how very kind he can be. This reader has found herself grinning over the sweet moments and fanning herself at the erotic scenes. Very well done, Ms. Brookes. I look forward to reading the next installment.

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