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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3509-1, 10: 0-7582-3509-7
September 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Beast Within

Gybbon MacNachton leads his cousins on a race against the Hunters to find the Lost Ones, children born of MacNachtons and Outsiders, and finally bring them home.

Like her mother, Alice Boyd carries the curse of the Nightrider, but unlike her mother, there is no safe home or haven for her and her son.

Alice lost her parents many years ago to the Hunters, and was captured and raped by one as well, now she is a foster mother to three other children as well as her own, all on the run for their lives. Gybbon comes across this feral woman and her children, and knows with certainty that Alice is his mate. Convincing her of his sincerity and that of his kin is a battle unlike any he has ever attempted, and one he cannot afford to lose.

Gybbon and Alice are completely captivating characters, and their story just whets your appetite for more.

The Vampire Hunter

She is the last of the Levenach, and Beatrix has grown so terribly weary of her never ending battle to rid the forest of evil, but it is her legacy, and one she will carry on until her last breath.

One hundred years is an eternity of agony for Alder the White. Losing his humanity and his soul was fitting punishment for his greed, but the time has come for it to finally end.

He only has to accomplish two more tasks to regain his mortality, but meeting Beatrix throws his plans into a tailspin. She is more in every way than any other woman he has ever known, and it takes only a breath of her air to know he is lost. Beatrix never anticipated having a man in her life, but with Alder she is beginning to dream what can only end in tragedy for both of them.

The power of these two beings comes screaming through page after page. They suit each other perfectly and their story reflects this wonderfully.

Laird of Midnight

Kenna Graham’s station in life only reinforces the depths to which she has fallen: tavern wench, widow, and now target of the Devil’s own spawn.

In his own mind, Laird Finlay MacLain is a murderer of the worst kind, even if it was not by his hand that his clan died.

If it takes an eternity, MacLain will never cease in his hunt to take down the vampires responsible for the mutilation of his family. He has one target left, but discovering Kenna puts all thoughts of killing to the back of his mind. Kenna is terrified, but she cannot decide if it is for MacLain himself, or the power of her feelings for him.

The heat between these two is staggering, and only burns hotter with every page.

The collection of these three stories in Highland Beast holds you enthralled with darkly passionate vampires and the women who can bring them to their knees. I love that they follow the same theme and are centered in the same region, but each story is unique and exciting. The first story is the perfect preview for a series, and one I would hope to read further, while the other two stories feel complete in their delivery. These are all pleasures to read and the compilation a perfect fit.

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