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Sons of Thanatus Series
Book 1: My Maven, My Everything
Book 2: Higher Rank

Book 2 in the Sons of Thanatus Series
ISBN#: 1610346130
June 2011
Siren Publishing
126 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Finn is ex-military and a newly found son of Thanatus. He is falling hard for Raven, a man who has a higher rank among the sons of Thanatus.

Raven has secrets of his own. He is afraid to trust Finn or Finn’s feelings for him. Instead he decides to treat Fin the same way he does all his lovers; disrespectfully.

When Raven finally makes a move, Finn is ecstatic thinking that he will finally get a chance to have at least the beginning of a relationship with the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, Raven treats Finn like he is nothing more than a one-night-stand, just someone to have sex with, but not someone to care about. After the first few times of being together, Finn has had enough and separates himself from Raven even though it hurts him deeply to do so. Will Raven pull his head out of a dark place and realize that Finn is the best thing for him, or will he lose him forever because he cannot open up enough to tell the man how he really feels?

Higher Rank is classic Ms. Flynn. It starts out in the typical heartwrenching fashion (one of my favorite things about her writing) with a storyline that keeps the characters on their toes. There is plenty of suspense and action to keep the reader reading as well. Honestly, I loved it! The sex scenes are scorching, and while it was hard to read about Raven and Finn’s initial encounters just because they are written so well that they make your heart hurt, this is quickly dispelled by the developing relationship between the two men. While this book can stand alone, it really helps to read the first one so you have a good grip on the world Ms. Flynn has created here. Thanks so much for another gripping, entertaining read, Ms. Flynn, I for one will continue buying!

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