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ISBN: 9781440579158 / AISN Number: B00HK1XX3I
January 13, 2014
Crimson Romance
158 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Abigail Smith, who is known to many as Abby Richards, decides to lay low after a “low life” took her pride when she went to try out for a part in an upcoming movie, or so she thought. She woke up not remembering anything, with her clothes off and in an empty room. She never wants to have anything to do with British or American movies again. A couple years later, major movie producer and TV icon Ethan Walker walks into her life. He has found her after her two years of hiding.

Ethan Walker never expected to find Abby working in a sleazy diner or living in a rough neighborhood. He has been trying to find her to cast her for an upcoming movie he needs to tape very soon. He did not expect the huge resistance and outright hostility from the beauty. He also did not know of her past, or the murder that would catapult them both into such close proximity.

Abigail wants nothing to do with Ethan. She can tell he is used to having his own way and getting everything he wants with a little manipulation and a lot of money. She is not for sale and she is going to make that clear, even if she has to do so in his territory. He has a way with women and wants to add her to the list, or so she thinks. Ethan is very attracted to Abigail's natural good looks. He can not figure out how to break the Ice Queen's walls. He does not expect to want anything more than a good movie and a nice roll in the hay, but he is in for a surprise. He may not get either.

This book was dynamic. The back-to-back excitement leaves you wanting more. You cannot help but fall in love with such a strong-willed character who can take care of herself even when broke and homeless, away from her country and family. Abby is strong but she may have met her match. Ethan does not mean harm and he is the perfect contrast to Abby. Then there are the other supporting roles that add life to the plot. When lawyers, police, bullet holes, contracts, lies, and more get thrown into the mix, it is one novel that you will never forget. This book gets 5 cups!

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