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Psychic Visions Series

Book 1: Tuesday’s Child
Book 2: Hide'n Go Seek

Psychic Visions Series Book 2
ISBN # 9780987741141
October 2011
Valley Publishing
320 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Kali Jordan is a well-known Search and Rescue worker. Together with her dog Shiloh, she has found many victims of natural and unnatural disasters, often with the help of her psychic abilities. She is also a successful artist, and an independent income from a legacy enables her to continue her work in both fields.

Grant Summers is a FBI agent. He is handsome, muscular and has a commanding presence. He met Kali many years ago and has never forgotten her.

A killer who sees himself as a servant of God is determined to right the wrongs committed by the rescuers at natural disasters; God wants these survivors, so his servant will send them home. Kali’s ability to find and save people is unnatural, and she must be stopped. Witches should not be allowed to live. Kali’s psychic abilities are growing rapidly and she finds she is able to sketch the locations of the killer’s victims before they are taken.

I was hooked by this novel almost from the first page. Kali and Shiloh are very appealing characters and their work is fascinating. The author has done a wonderful job with her research and her depiction of search and rescue work is right on the mark. Kali’s relationship with Grant is very intense and grows quickly due to the danger and uncertainty caused by the killer. The plot is exciting with many thrilling twists and turns and more than a few red herrings. The author has done a masterful job of building the suspense, giving the reader many possibilities for the identity of the killer and still surprising us in the end.

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