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The Glorious Victorious Darcys, Book 1
ISBN# 9780451238474
6 November 2012
Penguin Books
352 Pages
Victorian Steampunk Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amelia Darcy wants a life full of adventure and gadgets. She is utterly engrossed by the idea of flying and would rather tinker in her father’s inventing lab than worry about silly things like finding an eligible suitor and settling down. Gadgets and their inventors are the lifeblood of the Darcy family. Amelia sees no reason for her gender to push her destiny in a different direction than that of her two brothers.

Wrongly accused of a murder he has not committed, Tucker Gentry is on the run. At least the life of a sky cowboy is never dull. He has his airship and a loyal crew of misfits to watch his back. In fact, his life is darn near perfect until someone accidentally rams a kite cycle into his ship.

Now Tucker finds himself the keeper of an impetuous and irrepressible female. Amelia is utterly determined to find da Vinci’s lost workshop and spunky enough to make it happen. Before he realizes it, Tuck is swept up into the excitement of searching out a gadget worthy of win Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. In the end, will it be the thrill of the hunt or the company that makes it all worthwhile?

Ms. Ciotta paints a vivid backdrop of stodgy Victorian culture accented by the sleek trappings of futuristic machines and ideas. Her story is witty and easy to follow, even if readers are not normally fond of the steampunk genre. Amelia is perhaps just a little too naïve and impetuous, but finds a good balance in Tucker. It will be fascinating to see how the rest of this series develops.

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