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August 16, 2010
Amazon Kindle
72 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

With the horror of her marriage behind her, Elena Ricci struggles to put her life back together, not knowing that her very survival painted a huge bullseye on her back.

His brother and best friend are missing, and the last thing Dariun needs right now is a human to shadow, but that decision is not his to make.

Elena’s abusive ex-husband still consumes her thoughts and has her jumping at shadows, but when those shadows take on substance, she fears that her sanity has finally snapped. Dariun is able to stop Brakkar, the rogue shadow, this time, but he knows that Elena is still in mortal danger, and it his duty as a shadow warrior to protect her. Elena can barely believe the events that are unfolding, but she cannot ignore her reactions to Dariun. She trusts that he will stop at nothing to insure her safety, but she fears that once his duty is done, it is her heart that may be lost.

Guardian angels become delicious shadow warriors in this steamy heart-pounding love story. A woman as abused and frightened as Elena takes a huge leap of faith to trust in something as ethereal as Dariun, and in doing so her fears turn into fantasies. It may be a little hard to believe in the quickness of that transition, but the ensuing passion is totally worth it. For me this story is nice little sip of sensuality that leaves me thirsting for more.

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