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ISBN#: 1610341570
March 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc.
127 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vivienne Bennet has had her self-esteem beaten with the force of a battering ram thanks to her egomaniac ex-boyfriend. After submitting a long forgotten erotic tale on a website, she is shocked when she receives replies back begging for more. Even more shocking is an intimate reply that has nothing to do with her story and everything to do with herself.

He goes by the initial S and he paints passionate drawings using erotically-charged phrases to describe what he wants Vivienne to do to him and what he will do to her.

As their time together continues to spiral down the hedonistic path of online chatting, Vivienne finds herself reflecting on her past relationships and how she has become such a doormat when it comes to her ex-boyfriend. With S’s sensual words caressing and enticing her, Vivienne will finally break through the wall that has encased her heart all of this time. When Vivienne and S finally meet up, their passion explodes and they find a destiny neither was expecting.

Hermes Online is a wickedly tantalizing tale that overloads your senses. I am quite impressed with the online interaction as much as I am with the physical contact between the main characters. It gave me the impression of the two having a close relationship between them emotionally. While the sensuality of this tale is scorching hot, I do feel a little put out by the fact that I guessed pretty quickly who S was. What I liked most about this novel was watching Vivienne as she finally realizes that she is no pushover; instead she finds the strength and power of a strong woman that has been held inside for all of this time. When it comes to writing erotic romance, Rose Anderson knows how to encase her written words so we can practically see the story instead of just read about it.

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