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ISBN: 9781605922430
February 2011
Noble Romance Publishing
79 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lydia James thought she was in love when she became intimate with a painter. She allowed him to paint her in some risqué poses, expecting a marriage proposal that never came.

Andrew Weatherton was complaining about there not being enough action in Bath when he is asked to help out with an important mission. He agrees, counting on the excitement, but he certainly does not expect it to change his life forever when it comes to the matter of his heart.

Lydia is being blackmailed by Lord Likely who is a vicious, vulgar man desperate to possess what she so willingly displayed in her nude portraits. She never expected her ex-lover to give them to someone else and she is devastated when she realizes she will have to marry the vile Lord in order to keep her reputation and that of her family from being impugned. When Andrew stumbles upon Lydia, he hands her an important document with instructions to meet him later, not realizing she will only hand the paper over if he helps her. What began as an important mission to keep his country safe soon becomes an important mission to keep Lydia safe from the clutches of a disgusting blackmailer bent on claiming her as his own.

Sexy. If I had to describe Her Indiscretion with one word, that would be it. I like how Ms. Palmquist keeps the action and adventure and heat going from one page to the next. The words used to depict not only Lord Likely’s countenance but his demeanor as well paints a nasty picture of a villain and had me shuddering in sympathy for all Lydia has to endure as he paws her. The added elements of passion and love that Lydia and Andrew feel for each other make this a lovely romance. You will not be disappointed if you pick up this book.

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