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Amira Press
126 pages
Contemporary Interracial Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Kayla Smith is a high school American History teacher. She is also a triplet, the oldest. Her sisters, Kristen and Kierra, have moved out of the home the girls shared. Seeing her sisters with partners of their own, Kayla is feeling lonely.

James Feldon is a widower who has moved back to Baxley with his four children. The main reason for the move was to take care of his father, who had suffered a heart attack. His job as a CPA keeps him busy, but loving his children is his number one priority.

Kayla has carried a torch for James since he moved back to town, but he has expressed no interest in her. James has three very convincing daughters, Jamie, Jana and Jenna. These three girls want their dad to be happy and they think Jamie’s teacher, Ms. Smith, might be the person for the job. Unfortunately for Kayla, James comes with a lot of baggage. His deceased wife did quite a number on his heart before she died and James has got to learn to trust again.

I like the story. There are so many heart-touching moments within the pages. The Feldon kids are funny and sweet which helps even out some of the rough edges of the plot. It is a little tough to get into the tale, but a few pages in and the author hits a stride where I am able to become comfortable with the story. The characters are very realistic, but the dialogue becomes a bit stilted in spots. There are so many details, sometimes too many. This is a wonderful story, just a tad hard to get through.

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