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Harrigan Family Novel Series

Book 1- Morning Light
Book 2 - Star Bright
Book 3 - Here to Stay

Harrigan Family Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-23241-0
February 2011
422 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Battered, bruised, and broken is how Miranda Pajeck spent years of her childhood after their mother abandoned her and Luke, and even though the physical wounds healed long ago, she will forever carry the mental scars. Unlike her poor brother, who will endure a sightless future because of her carelessness when they were children.

Two years ago Zach Harrigan decided that the bar hopping and one nighters were no longer enough, and that he needed to do something meaningful with his life. After seeing an article on mini guide horses, Zach knew he wanted to try his hand at training a mini for someone special.

The Harrigan reputation for training some of the finest cutting horses in the country could be put in jeopardy by Zach’s little venture, but he will not be dissuaded. Rosebud is an excellent candidate, and has already caught the interest of a beautiful young woman. Zach is easily falling head over boot heels for Mandy, and as time goes by, her brother slowly earns his respect as well. Mandy will do almost anything to get help for her brother Luke, but even though her heart melts at Zach’s feet, she will never ever put herself in a position like her mother, not even for Zach.

I cannot fathom what could be worse than what Mandy and Luke’s father put them through, except maybe the fact that they continue to allow his cruelty to rule their lives, even years later. Mandy has had so many strikes against her, and she weathers them all, but she does so with blinders on. If it hurts, forget about it, is not a mentality that bodes well for her, and it shows in how she handles Luke’s dependency, and Zach’s love. This story has it all, from tears of sorrow, to those of joy, and you will most certainly enjoy every moment in between.

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