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Warrior Hunger Series

Book 1: Embraced by a Warrior
Book 2: Her Eternal Warrior
Book 3: Warrior's Surrender
Book 4: A Warrior to Love

Warrior Hunger Series, Book 2
ISBN: 9781419939600
April 2012
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
89 Pages
Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Kenna is on a dating dry spell and feels something uncomfortable going into her work’s parking garage. She is also having really odd dreams about a sexy…something. All thoughts of worry are pushed back when a gorgeous man talks to her at work and asks her to meet him for dinner.

A warrior who has died in battle, but Tor is chosen to serve the Egyptian god Anubis. He fights evil-doers, sending them to the underworld for judgment. He rescues Kenna from an attack and realizes he has found a woman he can live with forever.

Just as Tor and Kenna find joy in each other, a demon decides to destroy them. Kenna may be distracting to Tor, but with dating as bad as it is, she is not going to sit by while some demon tries to ruin her happiness.

Tor is sexy and his delight in finding Kenna is wonderful. She is so very modern and charming readers are glad it works out for them. The blend of dialogues keeps the conversations in perfect sync with the plot. The sex is great in a readers—will—try—this-at—home kind of way. I love the Egypt to Las Vegas pyramid metaphor and think it is very well done. Her Eternal Warrior does leave me with–why now? Why not thousands of years ago? Still I can be really nit-noid dorky, so read this book. Readers are going to love it as much as I do. Ms. Chenery is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

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