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Purrfect Mates Series

Book 1: Here Kitty, Kitty
Book 2: My Little Kitty
Book 3: Our Sexy Tiger
Book 4: My Angel Cheetah
Book 5: Kitty in the Middle
Book 6: Cheetah In Charge
Book 7: My Feisty Kitten

Book 1: Purrfect Mates
ISBN#: 161034135X
December 2010
Siren Publishing
108 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Avery Donovan is a very rare saber tooth cat shifter. He has been held in captivity for the last thirty years and has finally escaped his captors. While running through Montana ranch land, he smells his mates and makes the decision to meet them and get help.

Cord Hartwell and Tyson Fitzgerald are Avery’s very human mates and best friends. They have been denying the very real feelings of love that they have for each other for years, each insisting he is straight.

When a wounded Avery smells his mates, he takes a chance on going to the door of their home and scratching at it. When Cord and Tyson come to the front the door, they get the shock of their lives when they see an extinct saber tooth tiger on their porch. One of the men wonders if he should get a gun, but the other says no and seems to want to help Avery. In terrible pain, Avery takes a chance and shifts into his human form for the first time in years, shocking his two mates who take him inside to treat his wound and remove the bullet in his shoulder. Avery knows he is on a timetable of only 48 hours to claim the two men before him and wastes no time telling them that they are his mates. However, Cord and Tyson are not keen on the idea of sex between the three of them and claim to be straight, though Avery can see the lie in that, even if his two mates cannot. Will the men be able to accept being Avery’s mates and their love for each other, or will Avery lose his life?

Wow! What an emotional roller coaster ride this book was! Here Kitty, Kitty has just the right amount of suspense, angst, love, family, werewolves and bad guys to make it one heck of an interesting read. The lovemaking--when it happens--is enough to singe your eyebrows, and the fact that these three have feelings for each other almost from the start makes this story a real keeper. I loved how protective the three are of each other and how the much bigger Cord and Tyson allow the smaller Avery to dominate them when it is necessary for his shifter nature. I was very happy to see that this is the start to a new shifter series for Ms. Flynn, and I for one will be buying every book in this series. If you love shifters, you absolutely must not miss Here Kitty, Kitty, or you will definitely be sorry you did!

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