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ISBN#: 1-59596-380-4
March 2006
Changeling Press, LLC
Pages Unavailable
Paranormal, Action Adventure, Angels, Demons & Deities, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Malina is half human and half demon. She is also the daughter of Lucifer and a human woman. Despite being part demon, she has a relatively sweet nature; that is, until her lover the Archangel Gabriel pushes her buttons.

Gabriel is the primary alpha male. He views Malina as an object and is unable to see her as an equal or partner, even though he knows on some level she is more than capable of joining the Protectorate, an elite celestial organization which works behind the scenes to keep the balance between heaven and hell on Earth.

When Gabriel sees Malina in the arms of his brother Michael, he speaks before he thinks, and nearly loses Malina forever. Malina travels to Earth to lick her wounds and to help with a young man who is half demon and half seraphim. Luc Seraph, as he is called, has come into his true power early and, if he exercises it, will bring about Lucifer’s rule far sooner than God has planned. It takes the help of several people; human, demon, vampire, and angelic to stop the coming apocalypse.

Ms. Garrett is definitely one of the more imaginative authors I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. She weaves a great story of love, sex, and the divine balance between good and evil. I loved the way she portrayed God as a woman, confusing me a bit when I saw she used the word God instead of Goddess, but very enjoyable nonetheless. A well written read for those who savor stories where the roles of divine beings are rewritten, and new mythologies explored.

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