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ISBN# 1450580297
April 27, 2010
Wild Horse Press
169 Pages
YA Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Skye’s struggle with an alcoholic father and a bitter breakup with her ex-boyfriend have rendered her vulnerable and weak. She needs to feel desired, loved, and protected, and Morgan seems to meet all her needs. Her naivety will take her through some twists and turns until she finally finds her backbone and takes control of her life.

Morgan is the new guy at school; he is attracting a lot of attention, yet his attention is only focused on Skye. He is the perfect image of the handsome, charming and strong young man. However, there is more to Morgan than what meets the eye.

On their first encounter, Skye sees Morgan as a knight in shining armor appearing at the right moment to rescue her from Chris’s bullying. She is amazed by his strength and good looks, yet puzzled by his intensity towards her. On the other hand, Morgan is certain that she is the one and only mate for him. There is no denying the strong attraction between them, but without trust, this alone is not enough. With so much at stake, how will Skye summon her courage to tell Morgan the real reason behind her breakup with Chris, and how will Morgan find a way to tell her what he really is?

Heart’s Desire will take you to the world of paranormal romance with a sweet love story between a girl and a were-panther. Morgan’s character is conveyed with such warmth and strength that make both the human and animal parts of him irresistible. Not to mention the intense sensuality and the constant pull and push between him and Skye that had me glued to the pages. However, I felt the story somehow ended abruptly with Chris’s sudden change in character, as well as some loose ends as to what Skye is planning for her future. With that being said, I still believe that readers will find this book quite entertaining and enjoyable.

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