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ISBN# 9781454302650
February 2013
Red Rose Publishing
406 Pages
Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 5 Cups

Ari is paralyzed in a devastating accident and abandoned by those who should have been there. The one person she can count on drags her back from debilitating depression. Her circumstances change at Heartstone, but she is unsure if she considers it better.

Arden has spent his life saving others but is unable to save himself. When he meets Ari and she sees past his ability, he knows she is the one for him. Can he convince her to stay and will he be able to accept the changes in Ari?

Ari is conflicted between morals and what is right. Arden expects Ari to accept the unimaginable, but what is he willing to accept when the tables are turned?

I absolutely loved Healing. It was an action packed, emotional story where the reader will begin to question right and wrong morality. I moved through the story eagerly praising Veronica Towers for her ingenuity which left me speechless to the very end. I must warn you there will be food for thought left for the reader to ponder.

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