Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781936852444
July 2011
Astrea Press
44 Pages
Mystery, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

With the demise of her grandmother, Emma Grace Hawthorne has finally returned to settle the affairs at the old mansion.

No one is more surprised when Emma returns than Noah Garrett. Ten years ago Emma was everything to Noah, but then the unthinkable happened and Emma left him.

Noah always knew she would return to him. He has waited, hoping that each new dawn would bring some solace. Finally, that day has arrived. Rumors abound that the old dowager has bequeathed the Hawthorne family mansion to Noah. However, the will has mysteriously disappeared.

This is a marvelous ghost story. The mystery, the suspense, the eeriness - all collaborate to weave a spell-binding tale. Emma suffered a ghastly fall ten years ago as Noah watched helplessly. Finally having acquired the strength needed to face the past, Emma has come home – home to a house that terrifies her, and the tormented souls residing there. Time has not diminished the love between her and Noah, and he finally has an opportunity to put the tragic incident to rest. Both he and Emma are miraculously given a second opportunity each had hoped for but never imagined. The story seamlessly flows to a shocking ending that is utterly brilliant.

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