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Dr. Loveshark, Book 1
ISBN# (10) 162241148X/(13) 9781622411481
21 March 2002
Siren Publishing Inc.
278 Pages
Erotic Menage Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Rae loses her luggage and is now stranded in Hawaii. Dr. Mateo Loveshark offers to let her stay at his place, until she can get a new passport, but his motives are far from altruistic. To satisfy his dark wants, he will let nothing stand in his way, including human decency. Not entirely certain how she has gotten into her predicament, Rae quickly becomes a pleasure model and prisoner for Mateo and his friend Piers. As Dr. Loveshark plays his twisted psychological games, all three sink ever deeper into debauchery in a short time. Piers unexpectedly falls for Rae and expresses his love. She is too far under the spell of Mateo for Piers to save her from herself.

Mateo is used to women shamelessly throwing themselves at him. When Rae appears to resist him, he knows he must win her through passion and desire. He does not know what it is about her that keeps him obsessed, but he does not like it. And when she begins to crave his touch, he is disappointed that she is woefully under matched by his sexual prowess, just like every other woman. He hopes to claim his spoils of war so that he can move on to his next conquest quickly.

Rae Hooper never imagines that sex could be so enjoyable. She has always assumed to be frigid, like her ex has always told her, but Mateo and Piers seem to know all the right ways to pleasure a woman. Even when she cannot stand Mateo's arrogance and condemnation, her heart and libido cannot get enough of him. After Piers professes his love and offers her security she feels torn. Piers is a great guy, but Mateo is the one who is always on her mind. Will Mateo ever give his heart to her? And can the fracture in Mateo and Piers's friendship be repaired?

The flow and writing style are done well. There are climaxes to pique the reader's interest, but this story does not draw me in. Rae has a certain spark that I enjoy at first, but she continuously makes less than intelligent decisions, and the spark is quickly subsumed by decisions void of reality. Dr. Loveshark, aka Mateo, is not a likeable love interest. He is domineering, conceited, forceful, a user. He does not grow or improve as the story progresses. He holds her captive, manipulates her into his bed and at one point “pleasures” her against her will. In most romances, when the pivotal romantic interest begins as an overbearing personality, he or she generally have a valid reason for their off-putting personality and make strides to become a better person by the end of the story. These become the characters that the reader wants to see ending up with the main protagonist. Not so with Mateo. He stays abrasive throughout, leaving the reader wondering why on earth Rae does not report Mateo to the authorities after the things him does. Or why she would fall for a monster like him.

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