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Monsters in Hollywood Series

Book 1: Lights, Camera...Monsters
Book 2: My Fair Monster
Book 3: Gone with the Monster-

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 4
ISBN# 9781619210912
9 October 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
244 Pages
Paranormal Red Hot
Rating: 3 Cups

Joanna is the new production designer for a top-secret movie, starring real monsters. The new stunt coordinator is a monster himself, a giant white tiger, who fascinates Jo and makes her feel safe. She does not think she is worthy enough of the attention he is giving her. Yet, she finds his blunt manners and way of speaking confusing.

Tokaki is the new stunt coordinator for a movie that has the goal of introducing his race to the human world. He thinks he knows human things best, but his knowledge does not seem to cover their emotions. Jo intrigues him, and he is confused on how to act with her, even if he thinks she may be his mate.

Tokaki takes her to an ancient temple of his people, not expecting her life to be put in jeopardy or to have to ask for help. If he asks his family to help, millennia old secrets and traditions can be put at risk. The fact that involvement with humans is prohibited, not to mention Jo’s low self-esteem, may keep them apart.

A movie is an interesting premise to expose “monsters” to the world. It is not necessary to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this one, but I would recommend it, if you want to read the progress of the movie. Jo is a well written character. Her self-esteem issues, along with Tokaki’s confusion, make interactions between the two amusing to read.

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