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ISBN: 9781419923333
October 7, 2009
Ellora’s Cave
136 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Freedom is a dizzying experience for someone who has been raised as a lab experiment, and Logan wants to revel in ever minute of it. He is an Alpha, an ultra elite, artificially enhanced super soldier, built to serve a master he now vows to eliminate.

Survival is something that no one outside of the Gate takes for granted, and Mercy Dockins knows just how tenuous their existence is. She is a healer, like her mother and grandmother before her, trying to make a better life for those around her.

Everything about Logan is just more, his eyesight, hearing, strength, and intelligence far surpass that of the average man, but it takes only one tiny woman to bring him to his knees. Near death, Logan is brought to Hope where Mercy plies her healing touch to patch him up, but she is so captivated by this stranger that she is the one in serious danger. Logan is so torn by the need to love and protect Mercy and her young charges that he can think of only one way to keep them safe; he must leave, immediately.

I am honestly wondering how I have managed to go this long without reading anything by N.J. Walters, but that has definitely changed. This story is scintillating, sexy, and thrilling all at the same time. With a broader scope detailing Logan’s fight against the General, this could easily be a first rate sci-fi/thriller. I am anxious to see what comes into play with the continuation of this series, because it is sure to be outstanding reading.

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