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ISBN: 978-1-936051-69-4
October 2010
The Peppertree Press
Hard Cover
202 Pages
Fiction / Horror
Rating: 3 Cups

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of Chicago for a nice quiet inn on the coast sounds like a wonderful idea to author Sarah Reddington. She is thrilled to be able to spend weeks working on her new book with no distractions and no worries.

Separating from a spouse is always hardest on the children, and Abby Grey is doing all she can to help her daughter Tessa cope with the pain. Right now however, her mind is more on her missing sister than on her daughter.

Sarah finds it rather odd that she is the only person at The Otter Cove Inn, but it is so picture perfect for a writer that she gets to work right away. As the days pass, Sarah begins feeling that maybe she is not quite as alone as she first thought, and after a trip into town, she is certain of it. Abby knows in her heart that something terrible is happening to her sister Sarah, and getting to Maine before it is too late is her only goal. The drawing she rendered from a dream is an exact replica of The Otter Cove Inn when it was in its prime, but nothing could have prepared her for the horror that awaits there now.

The malevolent force haunting The Otter Cove Inn is like a classic character in any good horror flick. It reaches from beyond to snare unsuspecting souls, and uses them as fuel for its existence. Sarah’s character seems oblivious to the dangers around her, and you want to really shake some sense into her until you understand the depth of control that she is under. Originality of plot and really getting into the minds of the characters is limited, but this story will still have you listening for things that go bump in the night.

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