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A Decker/Lazarus Novel
ISBN#: (13)978006170256-3/(13)9780061994302
August 3, 2010
William Morrow
Hard Cover
422 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Knocking on the door of his sixtieth birthday, LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker is looking forward to an empty nest, long vacations, and even the possibility of retirement, but crime does not care about any of that. A young woman is hanged, another is missing, and a fourteen year old boy is left in limbo.

How many kids can say their dad is a hit man, and their mother has stayed married to a psycho for fifteen years? Unfortunately Gabe Whitman can claim that and so much more, and the only thing that keeps him sane is his music.

When Peter takes the call from Terry McLaughlin, he knows that nothing good can come from meeting her, but his sense of duty is too strong to ignore her pleas. Within hours Peter pays the price for that visit, and now he has Terry’s teenage son to worry about. If this were not enough, a young woman is found hanging in a nearby construction site, and the likeliest suspect is nowhere to be found. Peter’s team painstakingly combs through evidence and follows leads, while Peter does double duty trying to find a missing mother, and what could be another serial killer.

This long time fan of both Faye Kellerman and her husband Jonathan is over the top thrilled to have read yet another Decker/Lazarus novel. Peter is always the epitome of honor and strength, and when he feels the world bearing down on him, his beautiful wife Rina is there to support, encourage, and keep him humble. Your heart totally goes out to young Gabe, because no matter how smart or talented he is, no child deserves what he has gone through. Peter’s age may be catching up with him, but he and Rina are a team through thick and thin, taking on way more than their share in any crisis, and you will love them more with each and every novel.

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