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Half-ling Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781927368442
March 2012
Evernight Publishing
48 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Reney is an intern at So Glam Magazine and looks like she should be one of the models. All of her coworkers are jealous of her beauty, and she only has one friend on the job, but she is determined to be a success in her career.

Ahulani is a half vampire. He works as a bartender at an exclusive Hawaiian resort. He has vowed revenge on the vampire who killed most of his family and is about to get his chance.

Reney is a bit isolated in her job due to the attitude of her coworkers. She is not sure whether her looks or her ability got her the chance to go to Hawaii with Richard Rogan, the handsome senior editor, but she is determined to make the most of her opportunity. She does not know what to think when a handsome bartender at the resort tells her that she is a half vampire like himself and that Richard is an evil vampire determined to kill her. The idea seems crazy to Reney but something about Ahulani makes her want to trust him.

This is a fast and enjoyable read albeit with a few problems. I found it odd that a gorgeous thirty-year old woman was an intern at a fashion magazine. That is usually a position for a college student or a new grad. It was also annoying that all of the women who worked at the magazine were jealous and catty except for one. This is very improbable and impacted on my enjoyment of the story. The Hawaiian setting was interesting and exotic and Ahulani’s story a compelling one. The events at the resort were exciting and a bit titillating though one scene bordered on rape. Fortunately, Reney and Ahulani’s love story overshadowed the flaws.

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