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A Relic Seekers Novel, Book 1
ISBN# 9781611096378
December 2012
Montlake Romance
Trade Paperback
324 Pages
Paranormal Adventure Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Controlling the visions and feelings she gets from people and objects is something Kendall Morgan has tried to do most of her life. They come at her without warning, which makes having any type of romantic relationship nearly impossible.

In his line of work, Jake Stone relies on stealth and silence, something he will not have if his boss, Nathan Larraby, forces him into babysitting duty while on the hunt. He is also not too fond of working with someone who can dig around in his head, when he would rather keep those memories buried and forgotten.

Kendall is drop dead gorgeous and way too intuitive for Jake’s liking, which seems to bring out the snarky jackass inside of him way too easily. He is going to have to tamp down the attitude, if they are to be successful in finding the box Nathan is so desperate to have. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones hunting a centuries-old relic in a booby-trapped castle. With so many hidden passageways and ghosts, Jake feels like putting Kendall on a leash. Nathan needs answers to what is happening to him, but with the danger escalating out of control, he must get Kendall and Jake out of the way, before he loses the only two people he can almost call friends.

Join the hunt with Jake, Nathan and Kendall, and be prepared to love every minute. This story is loaded with simmering passion, pulse-pounding adventure and just enough paranormal activity to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Each piece to this puzzle creates another mystery, so it takes some real thought to keep track of who is doing what to whom. Kendall, Jake and Nathan have so many questions to answer, relics to find and feelings to resolve that waiting for their next adventure is going to be a real test of patience for the reader.

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