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ISBN- 9781598244465/ Unavailable
April 2007
Paperback/ E-book
$12.95/ $4.95
190 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Jaydn is part of the Varatoo clan, a people who never age. She is a former Guardian in the Upper Realm.

Christopher is a vampire and a Pure One. He used to guard the gate to the Hall of Souls.

On the celebration on their thirtieth anniversary as husband and wife, Jaydn and Christopher return to Antone, England. This is a place of special meaning for them with their children and grandchildren. Returning to the Upper Realms is a very big deal as there has not been a Guardian in residence in hundreds of years. This couple will need to retrace the steps they have taken in the past and add whatever was missing at that point.

Let me preface this by saying: this book is the seventh one in a series. I have not read any of the other books in this series, but I would highly recommend doing so. The plot was hard to follow, and I could not quite understand all of what was going on. This story is well-written and thought out, just not a book that can stand on its own away from the series. Ms. Moon-Houldson writes of a world that makes the reader want to discover more. The relationship between Christopher and Jaydn is one which touched the very depths of my soul.

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