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ISBN: 9781926704289-Print/ 9781926704197-Ebook
July 2009
Eternal Press
Print/ Ebook
50 Pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

While putting books away, Kendra Daniels feels a huge earthquake rip across her bookshop. Terrified, she runs for cover even as the store shudders and books are thrown onto the floor.

Mark Holby knows that Kendra is special, more special than even she thinks she is. While she thought she felt an earthquake, in reality it was a rift in time.

What follows is a fantastic story that Mark is hoping Kendra will believe. When she sees for herself how the time rift affected her own life, Kendra decides there is no other recourse than to help the Rift Council. The assignment is simple and straightforward. However, when someone gets left in the past, it may mean the end of their life permanently.

This tale of time travel and how one action sets off a chain reaction with insurmountable consequences was a very good story. Guardians of Desire tells the story of a secret society dedicated to keeping history the way it should be. Ms. Berns has created a whole world that is full of science fiction and imagination. With an ending that has both closure and the means for more stories, I hope to see more work from this great author.

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