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ISBN: 1-59596-020-1
July 2004
Changeling Press
Rating: 4 Cups

Guardians 1: Heart of Stone by Rachel Bo is outstanding, and one of the best “shorts” or novellas that I have read. While not a full length novel, this book is a shockingly hot read that will grab the readers from the beginning, and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop.

The story begins with Danielle, a sculptor who feels there are spirits in the rocks she carves. Danielle brings home a large gargoyle she found in a landfill, and comes to believe there is a presence inside the statue after it begins to touch her mind. This belief begins to drive Danielle slowly insane, or so she thinks. Grellix, the well-endowed gargoyle, is a guardian who gets power from the sun and can enter people’s minds, especially Danielle’s. Grellix watches Danielle and desires not only her passion but he also wants her love. Unfortunately, Grellix is forbidden from telling her what it takes to turn him into a flesh and blood man, and what it will ultimately cost her.

Guardians 1: Heart of Stone is just what an erotic fantasy should be. Intense dialogue enhances dynamic characters and there are enough witty self-deprecating thoughts to prevent the story from becoming maudlin or severe.

Readers will be able to identify with Danielle. Her fears of going insane, while being drawn again and again to the gargoyle are so well written that I could immediately see myself in her. Grellix’s admiration for Danielle developed a romantic tone for this highly erotic story.

I would have enjoyed reading a longer version of Guardians 1: Heart of Stone but nothing is left out of the shorter storyline. While not for the faint of heart this book has everything it needs: a full plot, strong characters, killer sex, and great dialogue. Not only is this book a keeper, I am telling my friends to run out and buy it today.

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