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Department 57

Book 1: Cats Eyes
Book 2: Topaz Delirium
Book 3: Chemistry of Evil
Book 4: Treasure Laid Bare
Book 5: Jewel of the Dragon
Book 6: Liquid Crystal
Book 7: Crystal Captive
Book 8: Crystal Tides
Book 9: Bloody Crystal
Book 10: Griffin's Treaure

Part of the DEPARTMENT 57 Series
ISBN#: 9781607379676
March 2011
Paranormal Shape-shifter
164 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Chana is trying to get out from under her domineering step-father George’s thumb. With this one last job, George promises she can be independent. All she has to do is play hostess to Josh, a Manchester football star from George’s new team.

Josh is on the injured list, but is really in California looking for his missing brother, Laurie. Also, Josh is a 250-year-old griffin shape shifter who works for the covert organization, Department 57.

What seems a straight forward responsibility for Chana becomes a dangerous adventure into the world of shape shifters and what money and evil can buy. Who can you trust, and how much can one person take, and can love find a way against such odds?

This is a great book. The setting in California supports the plot well. The background characters, some being familiar from previous books, complement the lead characters without taking over. The romance is wonderful, and even better is the lead up to wonderfully erotic sex. The dialogue made the developing romance wonderful and was perfect as Chana and Josh learned to trust each other. To be fair, there was one emotional scene that did not make sense to me, but it was somewhat explained later. One warning: if you read this, you are going to want all of the Dept 57 books.

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