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ISBN# 978-1-60168-389-2
January 2011
Aspen Mountain Press
271 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jedediah Hawkins is a traveling salesman with a cure-all elixer guaranteed for any ailment. If only there was a medicine for the ghost of his father, Caesar, who follows him everywhere.

Nixie Dengler knows a slick snake-oil salesman when she spots one, but getting a glimpse of Jed warms her all over. Still she refuses to allow a rambling man to touch her heart.

Every time Jed even considers getting close to a female, his traveling shows ends up moving to another town. All he has is his ghost-like father who does not believe he is actually dead. After meeting Nixie, he is practically spellbound. Nixie’s father is a doctor who also hopes to open a boarding house. Jed finds the family warm and caring. Nixie knows her father would love to see her married with her own family. When she accidentally grabs the ‘secret ingredient’ to Caesar's Celebrated Curative, Jed must find a way to retrieve that bottle. With his father’s ghost lingering, as well as his heart, racing like a racehorse for Nixie, he is certain no woman would ever wish to travel with any medicine show. What is a couple to do when fire ignites between them?

Be prepared to be intrigued and captivated with each turn of the page, as this reader was completely immersed in the storytelling of Great Caesar’s Ghost. It was thrilling watching Jed and Nixie almost challenging the other, especially with their dialogue and the interchange of eye contact. I positively adore the way Cindi Meyers paints her characters, permitting the reader to visualize everything about them. The whole story carries great depth, not only in the characters, but the plot as well. I found it indeed an extraordinary charismatic story that really stays in the mind, long after it is finished.

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