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ASIN: B005110E0O
May 18, 2011
130 Pages
Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

When Ariel Donovan picked her fifteenth birthday it did not involve a missing best friend and recovering from major depression. Nor would it involve hearing strange voices, having random weird visions and things moving on their own when there is no one else around. Life gets really difficult when you are alone at school, the hot, new boy who the school primadonna has claimed dibs on has a crush on you, and Halloween is coming in the town of Hell.

Henry Rhodes has just moved back to Hell and finds himself drawn to withdrawn Ariel. Maybe it is because she holds herself away from everyone else, or maybe it is something else. But much to everyone else’s chagrin he finds a way to enmesh himself into Ariel’s life and starts to reveal the secrets Ariel does not know she has.

Hell High School fits its name for Ariel Donovan during her sophomore year. Her best friend has been missing for months, the popular [rich] crowd has decided that ignoring her is not acceptable anymore and a boy she should not want, will not leave her alone. On top of that, she keeps hearing things around her house and having weird visions and dreams. Will stumbling on a family secret help Ariel cope with her new reality?

Abigial Boyd did a great job of portraying the angsty teenager. Ariel is a pretty realistic, well-rounded character and I loved her parents! But it took me a long time to get really invested in the plot. I found myself constantly checking to see how much more there was to read until about halfway through the story. At that point I was drawn in by all the twists and turns. And highly disappointed that only one of the mysteries was solved, leaving an open ending right into the next book. I now find myself pulled into wanting to know what happens next and debating whether it is going to be interesting enough to hold my attention.

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