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ISBN#: 9781920502218
August 2011
Silver Publishing
142 Pages
Contemporary, Gay, Male/Female, Menage, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sabrina “Brin” Duvall has lived with and loved two men before, her first husband Michael, and their lover and co-husband Jack Trawley. However, since Michael’s death in a car accident she has re-married Jack and they are happy.

Jack Trawley knows the truth about their husband Michael, that he was not a good person and a cheater. However, in order to allow Sabrina to preserve her memory of him, Jack has kept the information to himself. He loves Sabrina too much to destroy her memories of Michael.

Gavin Louquet has been dreaming about finding a couple to love and be a family with for years, but he thinks he will never find them. Imagine his surprise when Jack and Brin walk into the bar he works at, and sparks fly.

Jack loves his wife dearly and though he misses sex with a male lover, he vows he will never do to Brin what their co-husband Michael did. No matter how much he misses it, he will make his love for Brin be enough. That all changes when Jack meets Gavin and his body wakes up and takes notice. Despite this, he has no intention of starting anything with the sexy bartender. But Brin notices his reaction, and discovers she has one of her own to the delectable bartender. Jack and she talk about it and decide to have a date with Gavin and see where things go. It becomes obvious quickly that both she and Jack could have a relationship with Gavin, could even love Gavin, and it is obvious those feelings are returned. However, Brin and Jack must decide if they are willing to stir up all the old talk and memories in their small town from when they lived with and loved Michael. Then there is the fact that it is quickly becoming apparent that Michael’s death may not have been an accident and that the killer is after Brin. When the truth comes out both about Michael’s death and in particular his cheating, will Brin be able to forgive Jack? Will the three decide to make a go of it after all or to go their separate ways?

Grassland is classic ménage romance from Carol Lynne. This is a wonderful story about the very real problems that can arise from a couple who chooses to be a trio instead of a duo. I really truly enjoyed reading about these very realistic people, and felt by the end of the book as though they were more than characters in a story, but friends. Ms. Lynne does a fantastic job of showing that it is indeed possible to be in love with more than one person, and to make such a relationship work for real. The love scenes both between the different pairings and all together are beautiful, loving, emotional and just very very well written. These characters touched my heart, and I would not mind reading about them in future stories by Ms. Lynne, even if it is just for a quick update in another character’s story. Well done, Ms. Lynne, you just proved to me yet again why I buy your books, they rock!

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