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ISBN#: 9781607378037
June, 2010
Loose ID Publishing
180 Pages
Rating 4 cups

Lilith Templeton is bored with her life. Empty after so many years of simply feeding her hungers and never sating the desires of her soul, she finds herself drawn to the man lurking in the back of the bar at Gothic City Lights, her favorite club. When she learns he is an angel, her polar opposite even amongst their kind, she tries to tamp down on her needs.

Gabriel is working on ascending through the virtue of chastity to become one of the high angels. When he is forced to work with a half-demon succubus, his vows are put to the test. If it was only her luscious body he craved, his ascension would be in no danger, but the more time he spends with her, the more he is drawn to her as a person.

When she is sent into a cult to tempt a demon, irresistible Lilith knows she can do the job that needs done. But can she work as bait to lure in a sex-starved demon when her body is burning for an angel?

Tempting an angel is a titillating prospect, and when Lilith fights against her own nature to protect him, the reader will be drawn into this complex plot. The pages fly by as you wonder if he will bend to his burning craving for her, or if she will give in to her nature and take what he is offering up like a buffet every time she walks into a room. An erotic read that manages to be fun while drawing out the sexual tension between these dynamic characters in a way that will leave the reader squirming.

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