Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #1-4165-7135-3
July 2010
Trade Paperback
308 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Raquel Azorian is an assistant to the head of Marketing of a major studio, but hopes to be something more. She has given up her private life to her ambition and hopes that it will be worthwhile.

Marlene Azorian is the mother of two grown children and has decided that life is passing her by. She is spoiled, lazy, and manipulative.

Raquel’s life is fast spinning out of control. Her boss at Belmont Studio’s is on his way down, taking her with him. His would be successor is making her life miserable, and her mother has chosen this time to leave her husband and take over Raquel’s one bedroom apartment and try to take over her life. She spends her days watching TV and drinking Bailey’s. Raquel has a new man in her life, the second in charge of the studio, but their relationship is a secret. Raquel discovers a new would be star and hopes that this will be her ticket out of a secretary’s spot, but her luck will have to change drastically.

Quite frankly, Raquel’s life is pretty depressing, but the author presents it with clarity and humor. Her family difficulties are only surpassed by her career ills. She seems to make one bad decision after another and takes more than one page from her mother’s passive-aggressive handbook. The one character that I really liked was Raquel’s friend Frappa. She could have done worse than to take her as a role model and to take control of her own life. Anyone interested in the workings and politics of the business end of the movie business will find this book fascinating. It took a little too long to get into the meat of the story, but I enjoyed it all the same.

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