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Bed and Breakfast Mystery

Book 1: Just Desserts
Book 2: Fowl Play
Book 3: Holy Terrors
Book 4: Dune to Death
Book 5: Bantam of the Opera
Book 6: A Fit of Tempera
Book 7: Major Vices
Book 8: Murder My Suite
Book 9: Auntie Mayhem
Book 10: Nutty as a Fruitcake
Book 11: September Morn
Book 12: Wed and Buried
Book 13: Snow Place to Die
Book 14: Legs Benedict
Book 15: Creeps Suzette
Book 16: A Streetcar Named Expire
Book 17: Suture Self
Book 18: Silver Scream
Book 19: Hocus Croakus
Book 20: This Old Souse
Book 21: Dead Man Docking
Book 22: Saks and Violins
Book 23: Scots on the Rocks
Book 24: Vi Agra Falls
Book 25: Loco Motive
Book 26: All the Pretty Hearses
Book 27: The Wurst is Yet to Come
Book 28: Gone with the Win

Bed and Breakfast Mysteries, Book 28
ISBN#: 9780062089847
July 9, 2013
William Morrow
291 Pages
Contemporary Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Judith Flynn might have vowed to leave the dead bodies and mystery solving alone, but that does not mean they intend to return the favor. Ignoring Cousin Renie’s warning, Judith takes a reservation at the Bed & Breakfast for Mary Smith from New York. Surely there are real Mary Smith’s in a city like the Big Apple, right?

When Mary Smith turns out to be Ruby Tooms, Judith has a feeling she is about to find herself neck deep in another murder mystery. Ruby wants Judith to take one more case, a cold case. Ruby’s mother was strangled after divorcing Ruby’s father and Ruby wants answers, even if they are twenty years after the fact.

For once, Judith does not have to put up with Joe’s naysaying about her sleuthing. The case is personal for Joe. It was his former partner and best pal Woody’s very first murder investigation and Joe is more than ready to get that case closed once and for all.

This book is not the best way to dive into a long running mystery series with nearly thirty titles. There are a lot of fun and sometimes totally bizarre characters that act as though they have serious personality disorders who pop in and out with connections dating back to earlier books. For those in the know, Gone with the Win will deliver Ms. Daheim’s trademark quirky humor and fast paced mystery solving.

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