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ISBN: 9780312571221
April 2011
Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press
352 Pages
Romantic Suspense; Contemporary; Comedic
Rating: 4 Cups

Teeny Templeton thought her life was going in the right direction when she became engaged to Bing Jackson. Until the night she came home early from her new classes and found him occupied with two women in an unusual game of badminton.

Cooper O’Malley used to date Teeny back in high school. Then an old flame came back in the picture and he broke his girlfriend’s heart when he dropped her for the ex.

Needless to say the normally sweet and tender Teeny was infuriated by Bing’s infidelity, and she showed her emotions through a peach tree which gets her arrested. Trying to take back control of her life with the help of Miss Dora, Teeny moves into the Spencer-Jackson home and tries to put the pieces of her life back together. Her life turns from bad to worse when Bing is murdered and she is the prime suspect. Now she must rely on Cooper to help her, which makes life even MORE complicated since he broke her heart and seems to be back for a repeat performance. Teeny throws the cautionary question “what else could happen” into the air, but she should not have asked!

Gone with a Handsomer Man is one of those books that has you either laughing out loud at the trouble Teeny gets into or has you shaking your head in sympathy for the pain she endures. Ms. West uses comedy, love, passion, and mystery to give us this cautionary tale about allowing a man to control our lives from the items we wear to how we speak. The book could have used more of a pre-breakup story between Teeny and Bing as I feel it would have given me more of a chance to loathe the big jerk and it would have added more depth to the overall plot. I love the “poisonous recipes” as well as how Teeny uses baking as a way to control her emotions. Then you add in the interestingly zany Red Butler and this tale becomes even more fascinating. I will end this review by stating that after reading the last page I said, “NOOOOOOOOOO! It cannot end like that!” which means I will, hopefully, see a sequel in the future.

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