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ISBN#: 9780373618576
April 2011
Harlequin Nocturne
281 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

A lifetime of loneliness is as normal for Jesse Stewart as having friends are for most people. Her life changed the day her parents were mutilated and killed in front of her ten-year-old eyes, and she has since devoted her adulthood to saving innocent lives.

Decades of living alone and isolated from society is a choice Lance Van Baaron has made for himself. He can no longer control the infestation of undead that has covered the globe, but more than that, it keeps him away from a young woman whose life he changed irrevocably.

Her job brought her to Slovenia, but Jesse cannot deny that a force much greater than that has captured her attention. She lives to rescue victims of violence, but her personal life consists of nothing more than a mantra to control her nightmares -- until she sees him. He is the culmination of lifelong fear, hatred, and a longing she cannot even begin to accept. Lance did not persuade Jesse to come, but now that she is here, it will take all of his centuries of experience to keep her alive, and if there is a God, maybe show her that he is not the hated monster she believes him to be.

This dark and mysterious novel brings into stark contrast the fear and longing Jesse has to know her past and Lance. Her character spends the better part of this story fighting a battle that burns to her core, and it is difficult to see her hate a man so intent on saving her. Lance is not her shining knight, but what he does for Jesse makes him easy to admire, and his pain is understandable. Tension is at an all-time high in nearly every aspect of this plot, and it shows the incredible skill of this author that she can keep you there from beginning to end.

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