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ISBN# (13)9780985468248
16 June 2012
DCL Publications
168 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cristiano von Hohenburg-d’Este has finally discovered something that he really enjoys doing in life. He would much rather be an art dealer, instead of the ruler of a small principality between Italy and Austria.

Sophia Garnett is the proud owner of three boutiques. She is not looking for love, until a chance encounter brings her close to a man who instantly begins to warm her heart.

Cristiano writes articles for small magazines. He is an art critic, as well as an art dealer. His mother insists he leave Florida and return home to accept the position of ruling prince, but he is content being an art dealer. He is not in the market when it comes to finding love and settling down, until he meets Sophia. She instantly captures his heart. In no time, they find a much needed solace. As their romance begins to blossom, everything appears to be just perfect, until his mother interferes causing discord. Will Cristiano and Sophia be able to keep their continued bliss or is this the end of their newfound happiness together?

Golden Heir is a delightful romance of a couple that finds each other and discovers how inner peace can bring much happiness. Amid much turmoil, confusion and a controlling mother who enjoys meddling with her son’s life, this story leaves the reader feeling good inside. I enjoy the way Cristiano and Sophia interact. From the way they connect, the reader can almost visualize the love flowing through their hearts. Ms. Hofman composes a stirring read that hits home when one is confronted with many choices and with whether to follow the heart. She allows the reader to share in the sensations of the characters in this lovely read that warms the heart.

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