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Gods of Love, The Series, Books 1 – 3
ISBN: 1481978624
March 2013
Jennifer Lynne, Self-Published
192 Pages
Fantasy, Erotic, Romance, Ménage a trois
Rating: 3 Cups

Platinum Passion

Twenty years together and Jeannie loves her husband Jake just as much today, although she is beginning to fear that that will not be enough to keep their marriage going.

Time after time Pothos steps in to help those in need, yet this particular couple feels completely different to him.

If this is a dream, Jeannie never wants to wake up, except it would be even better if Jake were here with her. Understanding the needs of this couple, Pothos awakens desires neither Jake nor Jeannie have ever experienced. In doing so, Pothos learns that with these two he may also find a connection that makes him feel more alive than ever before.

With Pothos, Jeannie, and Jake explore the uncharted, and deliver a scrumptiously sexy tale.

Aphrodite Calling

A high school class reunion for most people is a time to reconnect with old friends. For Gina Deveraux, it is more of a cleansing of the past.

Feeling her pain and need draws Himeros to her with an overwhelming desire.

Very few people in this world can fathom the pain of growing up in the wrong body, a pain which Gina is intimately familiar, and high school was the worst of the worst. Now all she wants is to experience what it feels like to be loved as a woman by a man who wants her for what she truly is. Himeros is that man, although he too is about to learn what it means to really care for someone.

It takes courage to write a story like this, and even more to have the strength to become the person you know you are.

Sex Club Secrets

On this birthday, Ella sets out to change the course of her life, be it for better or worse.

She is finally ready to explore her inner desires, and Anteros is more than ready to help.

Ella loves Kade more than anything, but it is time she realizes her feelings for her best friend are not reciprocated. Coming to the sex club is a last ditch effort to shake things up, yet she still longs to have Kade by her side. Anteros is so attuned to Ella and Kade’s desires that when his own fill his heart, he is stunned by the force of his need for these two beautiful people.

Even a God has wants and desires, but when they come wrapped in a package like this who would ever deny him!

The Greek gods in these stories are the epitome of all things sexy and desirable, yet their characters turn out to be almost as human as those they seek to help. I like how they take the couples and essentially release the feelings that are already there. In Gina’s story, however, the god Himeros gives her that extra little push to fully embrace the woman she has become. I feel that the “god” aspect in these stories is almost unnecessary as the characters themselves are more than sexy enough all on their own.

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